the future's bright and deadly

by arthur adam

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Nothing fancy, just 7 songs I couldn’t wait to record. It’s a happy experimental and jazzy little record (The future’s bright), but of course there’s melancholy (in the end we die).


released December 10, 2015

words and music by arthur adam ten cate
as played and sung, recorded and mixed in august and september 2015
by arthur adam at studio brugsko in glanerbrug, the netherlands
flute by dorien ten cate
mastered by tim van doorn at big dog recordings, antwerp


all rights reserved



BandBus Records Enschede, The Netherlands

BandBus Records was founded in January 2014 by Tim van Doorn and Arthur Adam ten Cate. Both guys are songwriter, singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer, and both have over 10 years of experience behind the scenes of music: getting gigs, booking tours, recording and releasing albums, organizing festivals, the whole shabam. It was about time they joined forces to form BandBus Records. ... more

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Track Name: arthur adam - dissolve into ideas
once I’ll shed this mortal coil
and dissolve into ideas
be it memories or the thoughts I put into your heads

it is for this I write
for if I’m right I’ll never die

my songs and I won’t disappear
we’ll see you in your dreams
Track Name: grow old with me
girl, grow old with me,
I love the way that we have grown
into this century without making it our own

girl, reality and we have been diverging through the years
contemporaneity is tiring,
won’t you just grow old with me

you’re a mystery, every day you startle me
but wrapping my head around you is the only thing I want to do

so let the world just be I think we’re real enough to stay by now
our identity’s secure, it’s time to just grow old with me

girl, grow old with me
and I foresee the future’s bright and autumny
in 50 years we’ll still be dancing happily, you and me
Track Name: memory lane
stroll down memory lane with me
we’ve never been here, but this is the place
with the right kind of noise, the perfect light to dissociate

this is where we met, this is where we kissed
this is where the threads of our lives are turned into cloth
covering our paths with grass
where the fibers join, where trees wave their branches at us
and birds weave their patchwork of ultrashort songs

this is everywhere
but where are you?
I long for you, your body and your words
your voice and wit, as you stroll down memory lane with me
Track Name: stealth
now, lay me down, under the radar
I’ll be enjoying a life hiding in the cracks
in oblivion and on fire

hiding in the cracks
I’ll be enjoying a life under...

the worst hermit alive
too vibrant to go unnoticed
now I’ll try a life in between the unseen

now lay me down
under the radar
Track Name: wait
wait for it
I know you wanna call it quits
and bitterness is clouding your bright eyes

I’ll admit you ran out of luck, but wait a bit
before you wave the dreams you had goodbye

take your time to breathe and
lose that heavy load

you may not rule the world, you lack the power
but what the hell’d you want that power for

take your time to breathe and
lose that weight you put upon yourself
Track Name: birds screaming for attention
any ornithologist will tell you birds aren’t real
it’s your ideas that do the singing

and every morning that they wake you
every song a singer sings
it’s just birds screaming for attention

it is an exercise in interpretation
whether you like it or not depends
on whether you’re an optimist
for any ornithologist will tell you:
it’s your ideas that do the singing

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